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The Geekery | Hobbies and Games
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Aether Revolt Release and Sealed Tournamenet! January 21st-22nd

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X-Wing Tournament! January 21st 11:00 a.m.

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Join the Loyal Minion Club!

50% off all events

10% off the entire store

$30 for 6 mos. $50 Annually

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It's clearance month at The Geekery!

  • January Theme: Clearance!!!
  • Start out the new year right!
  • 20% off the clearance table on the 1st, plus 1% extra each day of January!!

The Geekery

The Geekery is a store that specializes in non-electronic hobbies and games. We sell board games, card games, miniature tabletop games, paints, and hobby supplies. We provide space for people to hang out and play their favorite games. Like and follow our Facebook page for daily updates on upcoming events.

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