Changes to the Loyal Minion Club!


Changes to the Loyal Minion Club!

Hello Everyone!

We have some pretty huge changes coming to the Loyal Minion Club this month that are quite exciting. For one instead of a monthly membership it will now be a 6 month for $30.00 or 1 year long member ship for $50.00 which you can renew at anytime. Below you’ll find other new features of the club:

  1. Half off entry fee for all events held in the store! (FNM, Modern, Tournaments, Weekend events, Leagues.. etc etc)
  2. 10% off all products (with the exception of Magic the Gathering Booster boxes and packs)
  3. 15% off of Privateer Press and Games Workshop models

If you have already been paying for the club do not worry because whatever you have paid will be applied towards your membership (if you have paid $10.00 your membership would be $20.00 for a 6 month and $40.00 for a year). The last thing to know about this is we cover any discount entry fee so prize support WILL NOT SHRINK. We really wanted to make this a great use for our many customers and we greatly appreciate all of you for helping this location grow. You guys and gals are the best geeks we could ask for :D!



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