Top 5 Things For Nerds To Do To Start Out the Year Right


Top 5 Things For Nerds To Do To Start Out the Year Right

The new year is upon us with many exciting new things happening in the nerd world. Here at the Geekery we are clearing out some of our old stock, repainting a bit, and simply trying to make this year even better than the last. So what can we do as Geeks and nerds to start our year out right? Here are five tips and ideas to help you kick-start your year!

5. Paint those guys!

You know that Warhammer army you’ve had sitting in their boxes for two years? Now is the time to paint them up and get playing. It’s not that hard once you get started, and if you don’t want to do it you can always pay someone else to do it for you. Either way, it’s more fun to play with a painted army, so get it prettied up and find a game!

4. Create a new group

playing games
As a member of the Nerd and Geek community it is our duty to convert others to our cause.  So introduce your friends to a new game.  Sometimes it’s a bit nerve wracking introducing newcomers to nerd culture; but not to worry.  Everyone has fun with games.  Start them off small with popular board games like Catan, and Love Letter, and slowly introduce them into more intensive games.  Soon enough they will be nerding it up with the best of us!  If that’s too crazy for you, then just make a new group of gamers among your already nerdy friends.  It’ll get you out of the house and playing new games in no time.

3. Update yourself on coming attractions

list of things

It’s always a good idea to know what’s going on in the world around us.  However sometimes we forget to look up from what we are doing long enough to do so.  Therefore at the beginning of every year, look up what’s going to go down during the year.  Make a list of things that might interest you.  This way you won’t forget that movie that you really wanted to catch, or the new game coming out in October that looked really fun.  Think of them as goals for the year.  They are little check points that you can look forward to all year.  Plus you’ll never be caught by surprise again!

2. Catch up on the stuff you missed last  year


Did you miss seeing Doctor Strange, or decide that the new Sanderson novel was too long to get through last year?  Well make a point through the next couple of months to catch up on the things you missed.  Now is the time to get all caught up before the new stuff starts rolling in.  Pretty soon we’ll be up to our eyeballs in new Marvel movies and games.  Get it done now instead of later and you’ll find it easier to keep up this year.

1. Start a new game or hobby


So you’ve been playing X-wing for three years now.  Why not try something new!  It won’t diminish your love of the old game it will simply mix it up a bit so you don’t wear yourself out on one game.  With other games comes more inspiration!  Don’t want to start a new game entirely?  Start out slow.  If you’re interested in warhammer but don’t want to invest all at once, simply buy one unit and paint it up.  It’ll keep you interested and you can keep collecting slowly throughout the year until you have an army!  Pick one or two new games and learn them well.  It’ll be a good brain exercise and it’ll be fun!

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